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George Trevett built his first horsebox in 1976 having set up business with a small team at Winterborne Stickland as Valley Fabrications, building a wide variety of agricultural and equestrian steel fabrications.

In 1978 M G Trevett Limited was established and in the 1980s, as horseboxes became one of our main products, we added the brand
Winterborne Horsebox Company.
Today, we still build our horseboxes in the same workshops, in much the same way and with largely the same team, which now includes four family members. We have never looked to get too big or too flashy and have been building good quality horseboxes for over thirty-five years now.

Each box is built to order, with customers able to specifiy exactly what they would like. This bespoke service, coupled with our experience and expertise, means we build the best horsebox to suit each customer's requirement.


Bespoke Design

Almost any conceivable feature can be
incorporated into your Winterborne horsebox


View a selection of images of our horseboxes.

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